One Room Challenge Week Two

This week of the One Room Challenge went by quickly! I’m currently on a vacation (in SPAIN!), but I made some major decisions on some of the larger pieces of furniture to keep everything moving forward. I love the One Room Challenge for how it pushes to make decisions for my own home. If you missed it last week, check out the first week of the One Room Challenge.

Before I dive into some of the details, I am going to introduce you to my final mood board for the space so you can see why some of these decisions make sense! I haven’t landed on everything yet but this mood board will give you the sense for the direction I’m going. I create these mood boards for each space I design and they are always a work in progress. Truth be told I actually made 5+ versions of this mood board before I landed on one that felt right. Design is a PROCESS and while it may look like I just put this together in ten minutes, it actually took quite some time to land on the final one I’m happy with! I’m going to introduce you to each part of the room every week, so stay tuned for more details! It’s still a work in progress and it’s fun to update as I make decisions.

See credit sources below

See credit sources below

The first thing I knew I had to decide on was the accent wall. It took me a good amount of soul searching to decide what to do with it. I LOVE wallpaper and had some contenders on the short list for this space. But I have used wallpaper as an accent already in several rooms in my home, and this room just didn’t feel like it was asking for wallpaper! One thing I have been wanting to try is either a Plaster wall or a Lime Wash wall. These techniques bring so much character into a space. The four white walls of my guest room need SOMETHING and the main wall behind the bed would be perfect for a Lime Wash. I need to get the accent color just right (some of these inspiration photos are a little drab), and if I do I think the OCHRE color I am planning on using in accessories is going to sing! Here are some examples of Lime Wash and Plaster walls… and remodelista has some great articles about them if you are interested in learning more. I’ll be sharing a lot more about Lime Wash when I get back from my vacation.

The next thing I needed to decide on was the larger dresser which would replace the vintage one. I searched high and low for the right one. I needed something that I could get in a hurry (this is a six week challenge after all!). I wanted clean lines and light wood. When I found the Madera Oak Sideboard at *Article, I knew it would be perfect! It’s long and low, and can act as a perfect grounding piece for art and accessories. I really can’t wait for this to arrive and can’t wait to style it in the room. I was also surprised to see Article carries so many STYLING accessories! I knew they had furniture but they also have lighting, rugs, throws, and decorative items. I also picked up this Mollo throw as an accent piece - I thought I could style it on a side chair as a counterpoint to the ochre color I’m going to use.

The other main pieces of furniture I decided on are from Hayneedle. I really wanted to place a marble top tulip side table next to my existing wood bed to make it feel light and pretty and I also wanted a modern side chair. A chair is always great to have, even in a small guest room, so you can sit to put your shoes on (or you know, throw all of your half dirty clothes on after you try on 3 outfits). Hayneedle has an amazing selection of mid century modern designs that fit in the budget, a lot of which are available quite quickly! I selected a marble top tulip table and wishbone side chair.

I have a LOT MORE TO DO and a lot more items to select, but I feel like I’m off to a good start with some of the main foundation pieces for this space! Thanks for following along and I can’t wait to give you some more updates next week!!!!

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*Article and Hayneedle are generous sponsors of the One Room Challenge, all opinions are my own.

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