One Room Challenge Week Four

The BIG main accomplishment this week was LIME WASHING THE WALLS! I am not your average DIY blogger or designer, but once in a while I like to get my hands dirty and make a design happen, especially if its for my beloved One Room Challenge. I have had a LOT of interest on instagram this week about Lime wash, so I thought I would give you a little bit more information here on my blog this week.

First of all, let’s talk about what Lime wash is… Remodelista said it best “An ancient house staple dating back to Roman times, lime wash is made from limestone that’s been crushed, burned, and mixed with water to make a lime putty. The putty is aged and then thinned with water and colored with natural pigments. Lime wash creates surfaces that are mottled and matte with a chalky texture something like suede. It lends a depth and luminosity to flat walls.” Lime wash is traditionally mixed on site, but some companies are selling Lime wash pre-mixed so its super easy for the end user to apply and use. It is also completely green, ZERO VOC, and has hypoallergenic properties! Once it dries, it has a soft chalky look which looks warm and romantic.

The Lime itself is white, so Limewash generally looks more pronounced on darker colors. It also looks beautiful in an off white, but the Lime itself won’t show up as a contrast to the pigments as much. I selected Mountain Ash from Sydney Harbour Paint Company, they carry a line from Australia called Porter’s Paints.

My painter wasn’t that into this small project, and I wasn’t that into shelling out hundreds of dollars to have a wall painted, so I did a little research to do it myself. The beauty of limewash is in the imperfection, so I knew any little mistake would only enhance the look. Sydney Harbor Paint company’s full color palette is available in their Interno Limewash and I have been dying to use it on a project. I watched a few you tube videos, and then I got to work. If you are interested, here are the main steps below, but I suggest you also look on your paint manufacturer’s website and talk to a professional if you are interested. Even though I feel like an expert, after doing it this one time!

Megan Bachmann Interiors Lime Wash

1 - Prep the surface, tape the edges, and cover and protect any furniture

2 - Use the Limeproof Undercoat sealer so the Lime has something to adhere to. You can use a roller for this and cut in the edges. The undercoat sealer definitely has an odor. Let dry six hours.

3 - Use Sydney Harbor Interno Limewash in a criss cross brush stroke pattern using a block brush. Keep a ‘wet edge’ and don’t stop until you finish the wall! Cut in the corners as you go. The first coat looks super scary but let it dry and see what happens!

4 - Do the second coat, the same as above! Let dry and enjoy!

5 - For higher traffic areas use the Matt Sealer for a bit more protection

I love the result of the first wall so much, I decided to do a SECOND wall at the last minute. This process goes surprisingly fast and the results are SO beautiful! I feel like the room has so much more soft character now, just what I was looking for. Now I’m scrambling to get my room styled and complete before the photoshoot next week!!!

Sydney Harbour Paint Lime Wash Megan Bachmann Interiors.jpg

I have the entire process listed on my instagram stories, check it out if you are interested! And, I’ve been keeping track of all of my ideas for this project on my PINTEREST BOARD, if you would like to follow along.

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*Sydney Harbour Paint Company sent me the paint for this project, all opinions are my own. Thank you Sydney Harbour!*