One Room Challenge Week 5

This week was a fun week because everything started coming together. I did a little DIY project on the weekend, I took this adorable and inexpensive Ikea Dollhouse and used old scraps of wallpaper on the back! I just used tape on the back and it turned out super cute. So far its already gotten a lot of use in imaginary play, so I call it a win. 

Wallpaper Dollhouse

The pillow inserts for the floor pillows FINALLY arrived the day before the photoshoot, and I started putting all the art up on the wall and styling the closet. 

One Room Challenge Room

Every time the styling was done, my kids would come and mess everything up in there. I think I've styled the room about 5 times already. ;-) 

megan bachmann interiors photoshoot

I completed the professional photoshoot yesterday and can't wait to reveal the entire space with you next week!! 

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