One Room Challenge Week Three

I feel like Week THREE is when things start to get really serious. The six week deadline is approaching FAST and everyone who is participating is scrambling to get it done on-time. I knew when I got back from Spain that I needed to HUSTLE this week to pull it all together and place final orders. Have you been following the progress on my One Room Challenge? If not take a trip to Week One and Week Two! And I’ve been revealing a lot on instagram stories as well.

As a reminder - here is my Mood Board for the space….

Final One Room Challenge Mood Board Fall 2018 Ochre.png

Before I left on my trip to Spain, I ordered a pair of custom sconces from this Etsy shop. These sconces are going to add a wow factor and also tie into the color palette in the room. Here was my inspiration for bedside sconces….

Additionally, I thought it would be nice to have some ambient lighting on the cabinet. When I found this one on *Lamps Plus, I knew it would be perfect! I love that the sandstone will add a natural texture to the space. Lamps Plus has quite a few how-to videos and buying guides as well!

One of the major things I’m nervous about securing is the right rug for the space. The one I was originally going to get is no longer available, so I am searching high and low for the right not too vintage but just vintage enough rug to complete the room. The right rug is going to MAKE this room. I have found lots of rugs which are way over my budget but I’m going to have to make a decision soon in time for the photo shoot! One of the things I love about this challenge is it forces me to make decisions and get it done so I can move on and enjoy!

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One Room Challenge Week Two

This week of the One Room Challenge went by quickly! I’m currently on a vacation (in SPAIN!), but I made some major decisions on some of the larger pieces of furniture to keep everything moving forward. I love the One Room Challenge for how it pushes to make decisions for my own home. If you missed it last week, check out the first week of the One Room Challenge.

Before I dive into some of the details, I am going to introduce you to my final mood board for the space so you can see why some of these decisions make sense! I haven’t landed on everything yet but this mood board will give you the sense for the direction I’m going. I create these mood boards for each space I design and they are always a work in progress. Truth be told I actually made 5+ versions of this mood board before I landed on one that felt right. Design is a PROCESS and while it may look like I just put this together in ten minutes, it actually took quite some time to land on the final one I’m happy with! I’m going to introduce you to each part of the room every week, so stay tuned for more details! It’s still a work in progress and it’s fun to update as I make decisions.

 See credit sources below

See credit sources below

The first thing I knew I had to decide on was the accent wall. It took me a good amount of soul searching to decide what to do with it. I LOVE wallpaper and had some contenders on the short list for this space. But I have used wallpaper as an accent already in several rooms in my home, and this room just didn’t feel like it was asking for wallpaper! One thing I have been wanting to try is either a Plaster wall or a Lime Wash wall. These techniques bring so much character into a space. The four white walls of my guest room need SOMETHING and the main wall behind the bed would be perfect for a Lime Wash. I need to get the accent color just right (some of these inspiration photos are a little drab), and if I do I think the OCHRE color I am planning on using in accessories is going to sing! Here are some examples of Lime Wash and Plaster walls… and remodelista has some great articles about them if you are interested in learning more. I’ll be sharing a lot more about Lime Wash when I get back from my vacation.

The next thing I needed to decide on was the larger dresser which would replace the vintage one. I searched high and low for the right one. I needed something that I could get in a hurry (this is a six week challenge after all!). I wanted clean lines and light wood. When I found the Madera Oak Sideboard at *Article, I knew it would be perfect! It’s long and low, and can act as a perfect grounding piece for art and accessories. I really can’t wait for this to arrive and can’t wait to style it in the room. I was also surprised to see Article carries so many STYLING accessories! I knew they had furniture but they also have lighting, rugs, throws, and decorative items. I also picked up this Mollo throw as an accent piece - I thought I could style it on a side chair as a counterpoint to the ochre color I’m going to use.

The other main pieces of furniture I decided on are from Hayneedle. I really wanted to place a marble top tulip side table next to my existing wood bed to make it feel light and pretty and I also wanted a modern side chair. A chair is always great to have, even in a small guest room, so you can sit to put your shoes on (or you know, throw all of your half dirty clothes on after you try on 3 outfits). Hayneedle has an amazing selection of mid century modern designs that fit in the budget, a lot of which are available quite quickly! I selected a marble top tulip table and wishbone side chair.

I have a LOT MORE TO DO and a lot more items to select, but I feel like I’m off to a good start with some of the main foundation pieces for this space! Thanks for following along and I can’t wait to give you some more updates next week!!!!

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Additional credit sources on mood board:

1. Lime wash -

2. Cultiver linen bedding -

3. Yellow pillows -

4. Ochre throw -

5. Black sconce -

6. Brass sconce -

7. White sconce  -

8. Neutral rugs -

9. Stripe fabric -

10. Artwork -

11. Poster -





One Room Challenge - Week One Kick Off

I had so much fun decorating my daughter’s room for the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge as a guest participant. It was motivating for me to have an actual deadline to get one of the room’s finished in my own house. It’s such a cliche but as an Interior Designer I often put my own projects on the back burner and spend all of my time and creative energy for my client’s homes (and happily so!)

So I am thrilled that I will be participating again in the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge, this time as one of twenty Featured Designers! I am so totally humbled that Linda, the founder of the One Room Challenge, has invited me to be a part of this amazing group of designers. The One Room Challenge has a deadline of SIX WEEKS from the start to the reveal - this is LIGHT YEARS in the interior design world where some of my projects can literally last YEARS. This season, I’ve decided to tackle our Guest Room which needs some major love. It’s small but it has some great bones and natural light. I can’t wait to see what we can do with it.

Here are the before photos. Sure, its a perfectly fine guest room with a bed, white walls, a dresser, and some random artwork. But it’s not exactly put together. Its not the welcome space I envision for my friends and family who come to stay with us, and we usually get quite a few every year. I’d love to create a super chic space which feels and looks like a California boutique hotel.

I purchased the dresser at the Alameda Flea Market a few years ago. It is truly a lovely vintage dresser - but it has overwhelmed every room I have ever put it in! It is too tall and too deep. This cabinet deserves a grand space, and this room deserves something sleek and modern. I need to sell this extra large dresser and swap out with something with cleaner lines.

My (professional cabinet maker) husband built me this gorgeous wood queen bed and these night stands as a surprise about 10 years ago! The bed and possibly one of the night stands are definitely staying. I’d love a more modern side table on one of the sides, and I’d also like to get some sconces to free up the surface area on the side tables.

I have some gorgeous artwork which I recently inherited from my grandmother, and it needs some love to be shown well in this space. I’m considering a gallery wall on the blank wall across from the bed, its’ just asking to be an art wall! I need to figure out how to make these paintings look more in context in my dream modern space. I think I’ll mix them with more modern artwork like photography.

Lastly and very importantly, I do love white walls - they feel so fresh and calm to me - but I think we need to make it feel more welcoming in here with an accent wall of some sort behind the bed. I was either thinking wallpaper or maybe a plaster or limed wall! Am I crazy? Yes, I think I am crazy. I love the look of OLD PLASTER WALLS and there are so many modern iterations to be inspired from! I also think this room needs a hint of color to liven up the space. I have been feeling OCHRE in a major way as with all warmer hues and I just might incorporate some of this fun color into this guest room!

I love how these gallery walls incorporate various kinds of art and its all cohesive with similar frames and color palette.

And I am so so inspired by these bedrooms! I love their use of statement midcentury modern sconces yet they feel so inviting at the same time! I mean if I were a guest I would want to stay here! A pair of fabulous sconces is on my wish list. While these rooms look quite spacious, I think we can achieve a similar elevated look in my petite guest room.

And check out my current love for the color OCHRE, YELLOW, AND WARM HUES IN GENERAL! You know I love a beautiful blue or grey bedroom but this color just feels so fresh and happy to me! And if something makes me feel HAPPY, I want to bring it into my space.

  Photo Via Pinterest  - I am so inspired by this look! If you know the original source please do share so I can credit!

Photo Via Pinterest - I am so inspired by this look! If you know the original source please do share so I can credit!

I’d love for you to come along with me on this short six week journey as I make over this room. I have a long list of things to tackle for this petite guest room, and I know (/hope) it will look amazing at the end of it all. I’ll be sharing a lot on my instagram stories too, so head on over there to see some of the progress as well. I’ll also be featuring some amazing One Room Challenge sponsors along the way!

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Megan Bachmann Interiors is a Remodelista Design Awards Finalist

GUESS WHAT! We are finalists in the Remodelista 2018 Design Awards! To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement. Remodelista is one of my favorite go-to's for inspiration and I'm so lucky to even be considered for these awards. And not just for one award category - for TWO!!! 

So if you love these designs even just a little bit, please go vote for me EVERY DAY for the next month k? Be prepared to be wow'd by all the finalist but make sure to only vote for my spaces! ;-) 

Click here to vote now for Megan Bachmann Interiors Best Kitchen Organization
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You can vote EVERYDAY in each category so vote away until August 4th! Thanks so much and I love you! 

Here's a sneak peak at these spaces and you can see more of these two spaces on their website. 

These are from a recent project I completed for a wonderful family - you can see more of this project all over my instagram and I'll be putting it up on my website soon too. 

Megan Bachmann Interiors Pantry 1.jpg
Megan Bachmann Interiors master bath 1.jpg

PHOTOS BY Delbarr Co. 

One Room Challenge Week 5

This week was a fun week because everything started coming together. I did a little DIY project on the weekend, I took this adorable and inexpensive Ikea Dollhouse and used old scraps of wallpaper on the back! I just used tape on the back and it turned out super cute. So far its already gotten a lot of use in imaginary play, so I call it a win. 

Wallpaper Dollhouse

The pillow inserts for the floor pillows FINALLY arrived the day before the photoshoot, and I started putting all the art up on the wall and styling the closet. 

One Room Challenge Room

Every time the styling was done, my kids would come and mess everything up in there. I think I've styled the room about 5 times already. ;-) 

megan bachmann interiors photoshoot

I completed the professional photoshoot yesterday and can't wait to reveal the entire space with you next week!! 

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one room challenge.jpg

One Room Challenge Week 4

Week Four - Here we are ! 

Most of the items for this One Room Challenge have either been ordered or picked up, but I'm still anxiously waiting on a few things like the new crib sheets, some marigold yellow accessories, and the floor cushion inserts. I have the photoshoot scheduled for next Wednesday so technically I need it all done before then! 


The gorgeous Rebecca Atwood wallpaper went up earlier this week and my goodness its beautiful! I also decided at the last minute to wallpaper the back of her closet and it turned out so cute. 

I did a big shopping haul at Ikea to get a book stand, doll house, and some other accessories. I just love Ikea, its my secret happy place ;-) I don't love putting ikea pieces together, but thankfully I have a really handy assistant for that. 

I also dropped off two AH-MAZING art pieces off at the framer, just in time for pick up before the photoshoot. I'll show you more of these at the final reveal, we have to keep some surprises, right?! 

I have some DIY projects I want to do this weekend if I have time, but we'll see! 

one room challenge

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One Room Challenge Week 3

Well, this week has been a slower week for the One Room Challenge as I went to High Point, North Carolina for 4 days. Every year, there is a furniture market twice a year in North Carolina and its a great place to for interior designers, showroom and store owners to see to-the-trade furniture in person. It was a whirlwind and I'm glad to be back! 

Girls Room One Room Challenge

Now back to the One Room Challenge... this is the original mood board I created for Heidi's Room for the One Room Challenge and so far I'm tracking to creating this unique space! 

This week I ordered Heidi's crib bedding, I picked a few different options, since I went with a more neutral wallpaper, I wanted to bring some florals in with the bedding and accessories. 

My trusted wallpaper installer is coming on Tuesday of next week and most of my orders will also arrive. Things are speeding up - its almost the end of this One Room Challenge! 

wild flower bedding
mustard yellow bedding

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one room challenge.jpg

One Room Challenge Week 2

The One Week Challenge is off to a quick start and I've already started ordering everything for Heidi's first room. This room is meant to be fun, whimsical, colorful in a relaxing yet playful way, and suit her spunky personality. 

I really wanted to add some color and life into her space with wallpaper... and after looking at, oh you know, 200 different wallpapers, I finally landed on gorgeous blush/taupe pattern from Rebecca Atwood for the feature wall. I think its a great color that suits the space now and that she can grow into later as well! 

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.53.04 AM.png

I have also been wanting to use this vintage turkish rug that my sister picked up for me in Turkey a few years back after some early morning / late night texting (Thanks Fiona!) This is technically a camel back rug... I love how it has some blush accents to pick up the wallpaper and other elements in her room. And of course Heidi will use her big brother's hand-me-down white Babyletto crib which is still in great shape. 

Vintage Turkish Rug
babyletto crib

Those are my starting points but I can't wait to show you some of the other accents and details coming together in next week's blog post! 

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one room challenge.jpg

One Room Challenge Week 1

I’ve been contemplating doing the One Room Challenge to get Heidi’s OWN room done in six weeks (finally now that she is close to 18 months )! I started ontime last week, but I've been dragging my feet getting back to blogging - so here we go!!! 

I thought it would be fun and motivating to design alongside a great group and community of designers. Follow along with me on instagram and right here on this little blog so you can see the progress!

int2architecture kids room

The kid’s room is such a beautiful source of inspiration - it looks so cozy, chic, and inviting! Heidi’s room is not going to look anything like this - I’m going with a totally different color palette - but I love love love this room - the ceiling! This design is by @int2architecture . 

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one room challenge.jpg