Dreamy Nursery

We designed this dreamy nursery for my daughter, Heidi.

I started with the project with the beautiful wallpaper as an immediate eye-catcher for the crib corner. I loved the wallpaper so much that she even used leftovers to do the back of the closet, turning it into one of my favorite parts of the room.

Photos by Vivian Johnson Photography

Pressed flower art from an artist on Instagram hangs in the reading nook. The white oak frames coordinate the pieces to the floors. The Babyletto white crib from Heidi’s brother’s room was paired with the gorgeous vintage camel back rug that Heidi's aunt brought back from Turkey. Jane Denton’s stunning textile art makes the reading nook come alive. We hung it low on the wall to stay at Heidi's eye level, and paired it with the beautiful hand-dyed linen pillows

The result is something Heidi can enjoy right now as a toddler, but can also grow with her, as the soft color palette and beautiful patterns are truly timeless. 

Looking to create something like this for your little one?